Friday, December 22, 2023

Plan your long weekends for 2024 - India

January - 26th to 28th long weekend due to Republic day.

February - Nothing just consume your leaves.

March - Take leave on 26th to 28th , for days off Holi.

April - Take leave on 8th, 10th, 12th to get 9 days off due to Ugadi, Eid, RamaNavami, Ambedkar jayanti.

May - Take leave on 24th to get 4 days off.

June - 15th to 17th long weekend due to Bakrid.

July - No chances

August - Take a leave on 16th to get 4 days off due to Independence day.

September - 14 to 16th long weekend due to Onam.

October - Take leave on 3rd and 4th for 4 days off due to Gandhi Jayanthi.

November - Take leave on 1st and 4th for 5 days off. 15th to 17th is long weekend.

December - Take leave on 26th and 27th for 5 days off due to Christmas.

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