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Saturday, September 30, 2023

CRED Garage - One stop solution to manage everything about your Vehicle

CRED our famous app that was initially introduced as a credit card payment gateway app, has been flourishing in many other features over the years. 

And it is worth mentioning that every new feature that the CRED team has introduced has been a gem in the making as their app features and navigation are second to none.

Now with the latest CRED Garage introduced for personalized and private experience to manage all your vehicle needs and maintenance. This has been carefully considered by the company with the interest of security and privacy as the utmost importance.

You can manage your insurance renewals, fast tag recharges, pollution check documents, traffic violation challans and vehicle details all at one place. The good thing is we can manage multiple 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers in one profile.

The look and feel of the virtual vehicle is so cool with the 360 degree view, and this shows how serious the IT team is working for the CRED board. (That's an amazing feat to pull).

You can manage all your spends and  in a way can forecasts about your fuel charges for the upcoming months.

Another good thing to worth considering is the integration of the CRED app to the world class DigiLocker from our Indian govt. That's a nice glovebox for your garage where you can maintain all your personal documents in one go.

Good going CRED , keep up the good work and the customers will sure appreciate your efforts for the seamless experience you are providing.

CRED App :- Link
DigiLocker :- Post


Saturday, August 26, 2023

DigiLocker - An App from Indian Govt.

DigiLocker was an initiative which would be used as a one stop solution for all your authentic ID proofs with verified bar codes.

But now it has achieved its feat more than expected where millions of users are getting benefitted with the features of DigiLocker.

Personally I have been using the below which have been playing a major role in my life everytime some govt offical asks me for an ID.

But that's not the only benefit we get out of it. I have seen slowly the IT has introduced number of options by collaborating with individual state govt's across the nation.

I am using the below as an example which is very helpful for my daily routines.

1. Aadhar Card virtual
2. Driving licence
3. EPFO card for Provident Fund
4. Vehicle Registration
5. Vehicle Insurance
6. Term Insurance from HDFC life
7. SBI - ulip policy
8. ABHA card
9. COVID vaccination certificate.

If you are the genZ , then you can even retrieve your marks list from multiple universities these days.

So I would really suggest everyone to use Digilocker for their own benefits.