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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

RPD Merging in OBIEE 11G

Merging two RPDs:-

Consider the two RPD that are to be merged as
RPD1-Consisting of all the previous version Modelling (Existing deployed in Prod)
RPD2-Consisting of modified modules that are to be merged to the RPD1
RPD3- Consider a dummy RPD which is blank as.

Now below are the steps to merge the RPDs via Blank RPD method.
àOpen RPD1 and go to file menu > merge
àIn the merging options Select Master RPD as Blank Rpd i.e RPD3
àModified RPD as the RPD2 which has the changes that are to be merged.
àCurrent RPD will be the RPD1.

Click next and in the conflicts select Current for those whose descriptions is as ‘Add to current’ and select modified for the those whose description is as  ‘Delete from current’.
Thus the merged RPD will be saved at the location mentioned in the previous step.

è Open the blank RPD first.
è In merge options give the master repository as Production RPD and modified repository as Dev RPD.
And follow the above steps of process 1.