Sunday, October 31, 2021

Vizag to Hyderabad - Toll Gate Price List for Light Motor Vehicle

A total of 920 rupees is being contributed to Govt for a single vehicle in one day. The overall forecasted money that our govt gets is in many crores per day.

Aganampudi NH-16 Toll plaza        - Rs55
Vempadu Toll Gate                          - Rs115
Krishnavaram Toll Gate                  - Rs90
VeeraValli Toll Plaza                       - Rs120
Kalaparru Toll Plaza                        - Rs35
Pottipadu Toll Gate                          - Rs45
Keesara NH65 Toll Gate                 - Rs60
Chillakallu Toll Plaza                      - Rs90
Koralaphad Toll Plaza                     - Rs110
Pantangi Toll Gate                           - Rs80
Nanakramguda Toll Gate                - Rs120


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