Saturday, April 18, 2015

Taking Backup of OBIEE RPD and Catalog in the Server

Taking Backup of OBIEE  RPD and Catalog in the Server:-

àConnect to Putty and Winscp of the environment that you choose to take backup.

àCopy the source path of the RPD and the catalog and the backup folder path as well in the winscp.

Now in the putty enter the command

“Scp –r "path of the RPD/repositoryname.rpd" "username for putty login"@hostname:"path of the backup folder"”

When entered it asks for the password, and then backup is done.

Follow similar steps for catalog backup as well by giving the catalog path till OBIEE_catalog example the directory sampleapplite..

scp -r app/oracle/obidev/instances/instances1/bifoundation11g/oracleservercomponent/repository/sampleapplite.rpd oracle@localhost:app/oracle/backup


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