Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ZURKER- new social networking

Zurker is a new social application like Facebook which was release into "Private" Alpha testing in December 2011. Zurker is really new that maybe this was the first time you ever heard the word Zurker. What makes Zurker especial is that, members owned portion of the website.
How did it happen? After you join Zurker and you refer your friends and families,
 you can have 2 vshares when the one you refer sign up within 24 hours. If the one you refer sign up after 24 hours you can still have 1 vshare from the company.Zurker is not an MLM or Multi level marketing, you can have vshares on single-level only. Right at this moment, 
you can purchase vshares from Zurker at the current price of $1.00 per vshare.
 Imagine if Facebook was like Zurker when it started, maybe now, there are lots of people sharing on the fortune of Facebook.
To join the ZURKER and to have fun click   http://www.zurker.in/i-328927-ephmnopbga 

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