Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to Unlock a Computer Without a Password Reset Disk

A locked computer can result in dead end frustration, potentially costing hundreds of dollars in repair bills. Unlocking your computer without the aid of a password reset disk can be done by accessing the default Administrator account from Safe Mode and unlocking your computer via console commands. This can generally be done in minutes.


    • 1
      Restart the computer.
    • 2
      Press "F8" as the computer is booting and select "Safe Mode."
    • 3
      Click on the "Administrator" account.
    • 4
      Select "Start" and click "Run."
    • 5
      Type "control userpasswords2" and press "Enter."
    • 6
      Uncheck "Users must enter a username and password" and restart the computer. It will be unlocked.


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